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NOBLES was founded in 1948 by Warren Nobles, the lead engineer for the B-36 bomber ammunition chute during World War II. Leveraging his first-hand knowledge of feed chutes, Nobles embarked on a mission to supply the U.S. and allied forces with the most reliable weapon solutions possible. 

A year after establishing operations, Nobles had its first major breakthrough producing the first “Combat-Approved” flex chute. From this initial success, the Company gradually expanded its platform base, eventually gaining access to nearly every military aircraft and naval vessel worldwide. The Company has continuously refined its product offerings and introduced new, transformative ammunition delivery solutions. In the late 1970’s, with the development of the A-10 Thunderbolt II attack aircraft, Nobles expanded from primarily 20mm into the 30mm by developing a chute to be used with the A-10’s primary armament - the GAU-8 Avenger 30mm cannon. Nobles remains the sole provider of chutes for this aircraft to this day. In 1985, Nobles produced the first composite material ammunition chute as part of the F-15E Strike Eagle program. The advantages of a lighter, stronger chute were immediately evident across the industry, reaffirming Nobles’ leadership position and further entrenching the Company onboard virtually every military-attack aircraft platform.

Since 2006, Nobles has expanded its suite of solutions and positioned the company to succeed globally. Nobles developed the VIPER Gun Mount Family to serve the distinct needs of Special Forces units. In 2012, Nobles established a dedicated effort to proactively offer Engineered Weapon Solutions (EWS), leveraging its in-house engineering talent and close-working relationships with major weapon original equipment manufacturers. Nobles continues to provide these engineering support services and related products to several major prime contractors.

As we power through the 21st century, Nobles continues to offer innovative solutions for gun mounts, magazines, flex chutes and total ammunition feed systems. Both commercial and government customers rely on Nobles for ammunition feed solutions, and cutting-edge development. This is proven time and again through Nobles’ support of the world’s most elite weapon systems to include the global F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, U.S. Navy’s MK46 30mm Turret, Sweden’s CV90-35 and Jordan’s C-235 Gun Ship. Whether air, land or sea, Nobles can 
be trusted as your high-performance, best-value feed
system provider--battle tested over the last 65

The Nobles Worldwide Advantage

  • Experienced with all small and medium caliber ammunition belt-fed NATO Weapons
  • Linked or linkless ammunition handling
  • Cost competitive and effective engineering
  • Full service from design and development through full-rate hardware production
  • New system development or end-user after-market modification
  • Design, analysis, prototyping, testing, integration and qualification
  • Qualified partner, with industry primes, delivering quality products