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Our people are our greatest strength. They believe what they do isn’t just a job—it’s a commitment to the Warfighter to provide the highest quality and most reliable solutions.

At Nobles Worldwide, we are driven by the desire to understand the needs of the Warfighter, provide effective solutions to our Customers and deliver continuous, unfailing function and quality. This is why we have carefully assembled a diverse team of professionals combining both military experience and engineering expertise. Our Team is led by Chief Executive Officer, Vice Admiral John Morgan, United States Navy (Ret), who offers over three decades of war and peace time naval service.  The Leadership Staff combines veterans of both special and conventional warfare, in addition to industry leaders in the armament sector, from engineering and operations disciplines. This effective combination of military leadership, engineering innovation and user expertise reinforces Nobles’ commitment to excellence, which has been the hallmark of our company for nearly 70 years. The unique military and industry backgrounds of our Sales Force allows for unmatched support to special operations forces, as well as a mechanical and operational understanding of all major land, air and sea weapon systems and platforms. The Nobles Team is comprised of problem solvers, focused not only on providing hardware, but also integrated armament solutions; benefited from the tactical and technical expertise of our diverse team.

Many of our employees have been with Nobles for 30 years or longer. Backed by an experienced team of experts who’ve been working together for decades, Nobles is a trusted partner both with whom the military and industry can count on to deliver.

Our engineering experts understand how ammunition chutes, magazines, gun mounts and complete weapon systems are used in the field through years of supporting industry and the military. Nobles approach is to go directly to the customer to identify and address their challenges. If the situation calls for developing a unique solution, our agile team responds quickly, with engineering prowess, to meet the challenge head on. We take pride in our ability to identify and fix potential problems before our products ever reach the battlefield.