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Nobles Honors the Ultimate Sacrifice

Mar.12.2012 Nobles

A flag draped coffin evokes strong emotions in the most stoic of us, but perhaps none stronger than those of the photo from Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson's memorial service. In the age of social media, countless people saw the heart-wrenching image of Hawkeye, the Labrador Retriever who laid at the foot of his master's casket in Rockford, Iowa in August, 2011 as the image spread around the world.


Experts and analysts suggest that upgrades and modernization of vehicles may be the solution

Mar.06.2012 Nobles

Modern warfighter faces flexible enemies and fluid situations that have shown current platforms to be reliable and cost effective, yet require new features to add protection, flexibility and lethality. In the environment of not only budget cuts, but also wars that are won with situational adaptability, upgrading of current platforms provides the cost effective solution that the current modern armies of US and its allies need. Experts agree that until significant leaps in vehicle technologies are made, upgrading may be the answer, not investing in bespoke new platforms. Nobles and its partners are part of that solution, adding flexibility to current and new platforms that make our warfighters more effective and lethal.


Climate Change Is A Geopolitical

Mar.05.2012 Nobles

A senior official in the British Royal Navy came to Southern California last week with a message about how climate change can affect political stability. Rear Admiral Neil Morisetti is climate and energy security envoy for the United Kingdom. He said most people think about a warming climate solely as an environmental problem. "We haven't really in the past thought of it as a potential security issue," Morisetti said. But he added that he observes that changing. He's traveling with a counterpart from the U.S. Navy to colleges and military bases to make the case that global warming deserves attention as a military and political issue.


Key industry events in 2012

Feb.22.2012 Nobles

In 2012, key industry events will present innovations in defense products and technology. Some of the most important events of the year globally include:


Government spending reductions ask both manufacturers and buyers to innovate.

Feb.12.2012 Nobles

Nobles continues to deliver "Better Buying Power" to the Pentagon and friendly militaries around the world. Using innovative engineering designs and advanced composite materials, our ammunition feed systems used on ground, air and naval systems offer optimize performance while saving money across the life of a medium caliber gun system. This system positions the organization well as shifts in spending continue to manifest and possible deeper cuts remain.


Former Vice Admiral John Morgan Joins Nobles as Executive Chairman

Dec.27.2011 Nobles

Leading global provider of high-quality ammunition systems gains former commander of USS Enterprise Group to lead strategic growth, innovations in warfighter solutions

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