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Viper and Viper Light in action

Jun.27.2012 Nobles

We are at the range making some noise with the Viper and the great new Viper Light platform. Stay tuned for more updates and video from the event. We are showing off the amazing capability of both platforms to our potential customers this week. As they will agree, both provide incredible flexibility and accuracy to the men and women of the armed forces. From the first even crew served 30mm to a .50 cal Viper Light using a mechanical version of the patented Nobles braking system first introduced on the Viper.


Mobile, light, efficient and lethal is the name of the game

Jun.05.2012 Nobles

When an armed force is needed to guard narrow straits and inland waterways, few assets provide more immediate and lethal force than light naval presence with the right arms on-board. Viper, and the highly anticipated Viper Light, are becoming a clear part of this capability to Navy forces around the world.

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