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Watch The Light Weight VIPER Gun System 30MM in Action at Ft. Benning

Jul.27.2016 Nobles

On July 15, 2016 the U.S. Army test fired the Kongsberg 30MM Medium Caliber Turret along with Nobles' Light-Weight VIPER Gun System 30MM. Click the video below to watch both in action and hear what senior ranking Army officials had to say about their capability.


Army Test-Fires Nobles Worldwide’s Light Weight VIPER Gun System 30MM For New Recon Vehicles

Jul.22.2016 Nobles

U.S. Army officials at Fort Benning, Georgia, recently conducted a live-fire demonstration of  Nobles Wordwide Light Weight VIPER Guns System 30mm (LW-VGS-30) mounted on the Flyer Advanced Light Strike Vehicle produced by General Dynamics Corp. and being tested by the service.

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