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Nobles Supports the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

Nov.01.2013 Nobles

The F-35 Lightning or Joint Strike Fighter is the Department of Defense's focal point for defining next generation strike aircraft weapon systems for the Navy, Air Force, Marines, and our allies. The F-35 brings cutting-edge technologies to the battlespace of the future. The JSFs advanced airframe, autonomic logistics, avionics, propulsion systems, stealth, and firepower ensures it is the most lethal, survivable, and technologically advanced aircraft ever to be used by so many warfighters across the globe.

The F-35 employs the 25MM GAU-22/A gatling gun in addition to a host of state-of-the-art armaments. Nobles' 25MM flex chute is the only feed chute qualified to support the F-35's GAU-22 gatlin gun because the system has to function-every time.  When the stakes are high, the US and our allies trust Nobles.