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Nobles provides a complete package of products and services associated with ammunition handling systems. Our experts provide engineering, manufacturing and integration services for all our products lines, to include flexible ammunition feed chutes, ammunition magazines and gun mounts. When working with a customer, Nobles considers all aspects of the potential solution before development begins. Our engineers ensure rounds are properly stowed and forwarded through the feed chutes, and that the feed chutes are designed for maximum flexibility to accommodate demanding configurations. This ensures optimal ammunition flow and eliminates stress points, which are often the cause of gun jams. Having effectively handed of the round to the weapon, Nobles will then route  the expended ammunition link away from the operator and critical equipment through eject chutes. Finally, Nobles can complete integration with a host of mounting solutions to include the revolutionary gun mount braking system designed to increase lethality and reduce collateral damage.


  • Engineered Weapon Solutions -- Design & engineering
  • Feed & Eject Chutes -- Flexible/rigid ammunition feed & eject chute manufacturing
  • Ammunition Storage & Handling -- Magazines & ammunition handling production
  • Gun Mounting Systems -- Design & production