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Feed & Eject Chutes

Maintaining our Edge through Innovation & Engineering

Nobles Worldwide is a premier armament system provider, designing and manufacturing weapon and ammunition handling systems for over 65 years. Decades of development and operational success has established Nobles as an innovator in feed system technology. Nobles’ proprietary technology, utilizing composite materials and advanced ammunition profiling and guidance, is what makes our chutes the gold standard for ammunition delivery systems. Our carbon fiber composite frames are lighter weight, more flexible and more durable than those of any other flex chute currently on the market.

Preferred by global, elite fighting forces, our ammunition feed systems protect and save lives as well as extend product life and deliver greater value. From fighter aircraft and armed helicopters, to ground vehicles and naval weapon systems, we use only the highest quality materials and manufacturing best practices. Our ammunition feed systems are superior in durability, weight, ammunition flow and corrosion-resistance. A US military customer recently stated “by using the Nobles chutes, we cut our maintenance time in half due the durability and reliability of the product.”

Nobles offers a wide range of high-quality and reliable ammunition feed systems, including both linked and linkless options. We offer all standard NATO feed chute configurations for small and medium caliber chutes and can accommodate non-standard configurations as well. We provide everything you need for a comprehensive solution, including ammunition chutes, magazines and gun mounting components. In addition, our engineers conduct design analysis and integration services to ensure your ammunition feed system works as intended.