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Engineered Weapon Solutions™

Solving engineering challenges for our customers

Nobles works hand-in-hand with our military and industry partners to solve their most challenging design issues. With increasing complexities of remote weapon stations, and the advent of larger and more lethal cannons in smaller turrets, it is more important than ever that the feed system be designed with the utmost efficiency, quality and reliability in mind. Whether it is advice on a feed system layout, or a comprehensive design and development, our expert engineers will work to support your goals and help develop an engineered weapon solution. Nobles’ decades of experience in ammunition handling systems helps the customer come out on top while saving time and money. Optimal ammunition flow, from the magazine to the gun, is a critical link in the lethal effects chain, and Nobles can ensure this is accomplished cost effectively and without sacrificing functionality. Our goal is to provide the best solution to the customer, including engineering design and support services for each system.

EWS Data Sheet

EWS Success Stories

Nobles works with US and international end users, contractors and governments, providing effective engineered solutions to weapons system design and development difficulties. We supply ammunition-handling configuration and manufacturing expertise for all small and medium caliber weapon system applications. From small caliber remote weapon stations and crew served mounts, to complex medium caliber overhead weapon stations and two-man turrets, Nobles ensures the ammunition handling system is functional in a defined space claim to eliminate ammunition routing as a potential point of failure.

Recently, Nobles partnered with the US military to support ammunition can and mount development for a purpose built light weight remote weapon station for the M134 mini-gun. Nobles leveraged its EWS capability to design and manufacture a 1000 round ammunition can, gun mounting system, and 7.62MM feed chute to bring a new capability to market. 

In the past, Nobles worked directly with a leading gun manufacture to provided EWS services to support a cutting-edge aviation application for 30MM M230 and 30MM MK44 cannons facilitating the transformation of cargo planes into gunships. Nobles evaluated the system layout, analyzed the requirements, and designed and manufactured the ammunition handling solution. These systems are currently fielded and supporting U.S. allies.

Nobles works with industry partners around the globe to support medium caliber turret design and function. For both past and current customers, Nobles has and is designing custom ammunition handling systems that include the ammunition can, forwarder, feed chutes and ejects chutes that can accommodate the full range of NATO small and medium caliber weapons and ammunition. Nobles has been selected as the ammunition handling design and manufacturing house for some of the largest infantry fighting vehicle programs in the world today. 


  • Design, Development & Analysis of the System
  • Acceptance & Qualification Testing
  • First Article, LRIP, & Production Hardware
  • System & Component Evaluation
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Program Management
  • Material Heat Treat & Finish Specification
  • Complete Machining & Fabrication
  • Certified Welding
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Inspection