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Ammunition Storage & Handling

Ensuring the steady flow of ammunition

Machine guns, and all other larger weapon systems, require a magazine for storing large quantities of ammunition, enabling the operator to maximize the weapons rate of fire without compromising fire superiority. The application of weapons on multiple platforms often requires specific customization of the magazine to fit and function within the space available. Nobles offers a wide range of ammunition magazines, for small and medium caliber weapon systems, that optimize availability of ammunition no matter what the configuration demands.

To ensure durability, our magazines are made of aluminum and stainless steel or lightweight composite materials. Typically, we custom-configure the magazine according to each customer’s requirements and specifications. Our designs are based on the amount of rounds the magazine is required to hold, space claim, proximity to the weapon and loading/downloading considerations. Whatever the shape, size and application, our design and engineering experts are ready and able to accommodate the needs of our customers.

Additionally, our magazines are designed to work in conjunction with our flexible ammunition feed chutes in order to create a comprehensive system ensuring optimal form, fit and function. Whether purchased together as a system, or separately as required, Nobles will ensure seamless integration for any application. Below are several examples of magazine and ammunition systems we have designed and developed for our customers.

Ammunition Storage & Handling Successes

Nobles works with industry and government partners to design, develop and manufacture ammunition storage and handling products. The engineering team specifically supported the development of:

  • .50 caliber magazine and chute for a unique rotary wing application

  • M230, 30x113MM magazine and chute for a cutting edge gunship

  • MK44, 30MM magazine and associated feed and eject chutes for the most lethal and modern infantry fighting vehicle available today

After a thorough understanding of the customers’ requirements, Nobles designed and developed prototypes addressing each need. Prior to full rate production, Nobles participated in bench testing, integration and live fire field-testing. As a result, Nobles supported each project from concept through qualification – ensuring the steady flow of ammunition.