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The VIPER family of gun mounts, developed by Nobles, has been purpose built to bring lethality and control to a range of crew served weapons from heavy machine guns to medium caliber cannons. Available for any crew-served weapon application, these mounts are modular, facilitating a mission specific payload, and utilize Nobles' patented gun mount braking system allowing for stabilization of the weapon. 

The first VIPER™ mount was developed in response to a critical capability gap identified by Tier One U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF). These Warfighters needed the lethality of the M230 linked fed (LF) cannon, but with a gunner in the loop to be employed from a ground vehicle. This presented a unique challenge and demanded mechanical stabilization of the chain gun on a crew served weapons mount. Without anything available on the market, the U.S. SOF turned to Nobles to provide a solution. After developing the VIPER specifically for the M230LF cannon, Nobles capitalized on a novel and innovative design providing a better more lethal alternative to the archaic machine gun mounting technology currently fielded. Concentrating first on the most widely proliferated weapons, Nobles designed the VIPER Lite™ as a one for one replacement to the MK-93 mount for heavy machine guns and automatic grenade launchers. Nobles once again responded to both industry and end-user requests developing the VIPER Air™, door gun mount for fixed and rotary wing platforms, and the VIPER-19™—purpose built for the GAU-19/B Gatling Gun. 

Nobles developed the patented Gun Mount Braking System™ (GMBS™) specifically for the Viper Gun System, bringing total control of the weapon to the gunner’s finger trips. The mount enables the user to stabilize, fire, quickly release, and move to the next engagement and once again stabilize for maximum effects on target. By utilizing this priority design throughout each variation of VIPER, commonality of parts is maximized and the weapons become more lethal while reducing collateral damage. 


The VGS-30 is the only mechanically stabilized crew served mount on the market that can accommodate the Game Changing M230LF Chain Gun. 

The VGS-30 is an enhanced crew served weapons mount purpose built for the M230LF cannon, the linked fed version of the AH-64 Apache cannon. The M230LF uses the same lethal combination of armor penetration and high explosive with its versatile M789 high explosive dual purpose (HEDP) round. This is the only system that provides game changing lethality while keeping the gunner in the loop for optimal situational awareness. With a rate of fire of 200 rounds per minute, and the ability to penetrate 25MM of rolled homogenous steel at 50 degrees and 500M, reconnaissance vehicles can penetrate target areas undetected while bringing the devastating effects that, until now, have only been possible with Apache helicopter.

The VGS-30 is available in a self-contained package and fits on a standard turret ring or naval deck pedestal. With less than 1300 lbs. of recoil, the VGS-30 is ideal for light-weight platforms such as reconnaissance vehicles and patrol boats. It comes complete with a 24V DC power pack without requiring any vehicle power. The VGS-30 uses Nobles' patented gun mount braking system and accepts multiple weapons beyond the M230 link fed cannon.

VGS-30 Data Sheet


A one for one replacement for the MK-93 Crew Served Mount

The VIPER Lite™ uses a hydraulic version of the patented Gun Mount Braking System to stabilize the mount while on target increasing probability of hit. Increased probability of hit translates into less rounds to achieve lethal effects and limits the risk of collateral damage.

Retaining all the capability of the MK-93 mount, to include weapon system interchangeability, soft and hard mount capability and the T&E, the VIPER Lite™ improves the current system by adding a hydraulic brake effortlessly actuated by depressing a traverse, elevation or both lever(s) ergonomically place so the operator never has to take his fingers of the trigger. Being a one for one replacement, the VIPER Lite can be used on any application that uses the MK-93 mount and has been tested to ensure integration with the most widely fielded Objective Gunner Protection Kit (OGPK) armor packages.

Previously deployed with US SOF in undisclosed locations around the globe, the Viper Lite™ provides the latest cutting edge technology in crew served mounts offering life cycle cost savings, increased safety, enhanced capability, and a superior advantage over the enemy.

VIPER Lite™ Data Sheet

Supported weapons:

  • M240

  • M2

  • M3

  • MK-19

VIPER – Air™ Data Sheet

The VIPER– Air™ utilizes the same base cradle and brake as the VIPER Lite™ but includes a removable swing arm mount for a door gun application. The VIPER-Air™ is available with a high capacity magazine and feed chute for the M3 weapon system.

VIPER– 19™ Data Sheet

The VIPER-19™ tames the .50 caliber GAU-19 Gatling Gun for a crew served ground vehicle application. Utilizing Nobles’ patented Gun Mount Braking System, the VIPER-19™ functions like the VIPER Lite™ allowing the gunner to control the weapon slew with a hydraulic brake.

Nobles developed the VIPER-19™ at the request of US SOF and the system is currently undergoing USG qualification and combat evaluation.

Supported weapons:

  • GAU – 19A

  • GAU – 19B