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Nobles consistently delivers the highest quality products on time and within budget to our military and industry partners.

Nobles’ ammunition feed chutes are critical to weapon systems, and operators cannot afford to compromise reliability and performance, when the chute is not accessible to the gunner, during combat operations. In addition to the benefits of enhanced reliability and performance, Nobles is able to offer a “chain of savings” through use of superior materials, coupled with best practices manufacturing techniques, that ensures the optimized flow of ammunition through the feed system. The enhanced design and performance of Nobles’ chutes reduces friction resulting in higher reliability and reduced power consumption by the gun.

Advanced Composites 
Nobles Worldwide is the exclusive manufacturer of high performance ammunition feeding systems that provide better performance and life cycle savings beginning with the use of superior advanced composites in the design and manufacturing of the feed system.  Every engineering characteristic of composites affords compounded savings and enhanced mission performance.  Lightweight, durable and flexible, composites are an essential first link of the chain. Green Savings are a follow-on benefit that is possible only with the use of high performance composite feed systems rather than chutes made of lightweight metal.  Green savings are derived from the consumption of less energy. Composite feed systems achieve these savings in several ways:

  • Weight savings of up to 57%

  • Less “take with,” saving both space and weight because composite chutes last longer, jam less and require fewer spares

  • Battery/power savings of up to 40% because less power is by the gun to pull the ammunition from the magazine through the feed path.  Fewer and light batteries amount to an energy dividend

  • Fuel savings resulting from less weight, fewer spares and smaller batteries

Improved Reliability results from the high performance characteristics of composites in harsh environments.  Adverse operational conditions—such as sea spray, desert sand, high heat, extreme cold, and high wind—do not degrade the performance and reliability of composite chutes.

Durability is the hallmark of composite chutes, which last significantly longer when compared to metal chutes.  Furthermore, the composite system is designed with full gun functionality in mind—from the soldier loading bullets into the ammunition can, the ammunition layout (how various ammunition arranges itself in the cans - each is unique), the various transitions from ammunition can to the belt to the feeder to the gun breach. Furthermore, it is essential to keep in mind that in some helicopters, this functional path is out in the air stream when the gun itself operates outside the fuselage of the aircraft. Finally, composite chutes far better accommodate user mishandling and neglect, which can be a critical factor in a weapon’s malfunction.

Spares are often a significant element of weapon system costs. Historically, 8-10% of the entire contract value of a weapon system is for spares. Nobles Worldwide’s test bed Close-In Weapon Systems mount has fired two million rounds through our chutes without the need for a single spare.

Life Cycle Cost Savings are achieved by Nobles’ high performance composite ammunition chutes, but there are more savings to be achieved. Cost Avoidance is achieved when a small component works optimally, thereby preventing the failure of the overall, and often-expensive system. More importantly, mission failure can endanger soldier’s lives. In the case of ammunition feed systems, it must reliably deliver ammunition from the magazine to the gun for the mission to succeed. When essential elements perform as designed, unforeseen costs and mission failure are avoided.

Foresight into Warfighter needs and Nobles ability to be agile and innovative through an ever-changing geo-political environment, provides Nobles with an advantage. Through our strategically hand-picked team members, Nobles has relationships throughout the US Services and Special Forces, as well as many of our international customers. This foresight and innovation has led to the development of the VIPER Gun System – VGS-30, VIPER LITE, VIPER 19, and VIPER AIR. These systems have the only patented Gun Mount Braking System (GMBS™) providing improved accuracy, increased lethality and a reduction in collateral damage over standard mounts and are the model for the next generation of gun mounting systems.

Innovation and problem solving through Engineered Weapon Solutions (EWS) provides a way for our customers to share their engineering challenges and work together to find the most optimal solution. By leveraging our 65 years of in-house design and engineering expertise, the customers are able to tap into our highly skilled employees for specific targeted challenges.

The Nobles' Edge

  • Reliability – Optimized ammunition flow resulting in unmatched reliability and optimal performance for the gun
  • Durability – Lighter, stronger, more durable and more corrosive-resistant than metal chutes through the use of composite materials
  • Quality – Rigorous quality assurance has kept Nobles on top for over 65 years