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Full system design, development, test, integration, support and full-rate production

Mulitiple Platforms

Mulitiple Platforms

For small and medium caliber weapon systems 

Unmatched Quality

Unmatched Quality

Reliability and Life Cycle Savings 

Custom Designed

Custom Designed

Nobles supports each project from concept through qualification 

Nobles Worldwide is uniquely qualified to partner with prime contractors and lead system integrators to manage the entire ammunition handling system effort from initial design through full-rate production. After working hand-in-hand with industry partners and U.S. and foreign militaries on dozens of customized turret projects, Nobles understands the importance and challenges associated with optimizing feed paths, within a congested turret, in order to create the most efficient flow of ammunition. Nobles routinely works with restricted space claims within the turret and neatly routes ammunition to ensure the utmost efficiency, quality and reliability of its flow from the source to the gun.

With test and integration benches for multiple medium caliber cannons that can be configured to scale, Nobles can design, integrate and test, prior to customer live fire qualification, saving time and money, during an expensive and complex process. Nobles’ support continues through qualification, as an integral partner in the feedback loop, making design changes as required, and ensuring the feed system is of the highest functionality within schedule and under budget.

Nobles has designed custom ammunition handling systems for all NATO small and medium caliber weapons. Nobles product portfolio and design capability spans the entire range of ammunition handling to include:

Linked and linkless ammunition magazines


De-linking and other gun-end adapters


Flexible and rigid, linked and linkless, feeding chutes


Flexible, rigid and hybrid link ejection chutes


Ammunition feed throats and forwarders for loading

Ammunition handling is our expertise.
When developing or redesigning a complex weapon system, leave the feed system to us and save time and money. Contact Nobles today for an initial evaluation.

Nobles typical design & integration process follows the below steps.

We customize this process for each customers specific needs:

Turret evaluation and modeling of recommended feed path


Prototype hardware production


Bench testing to scale simulating customer turret


Prototype delivery with integration/qualification support as required


System evaluation, refinement and improvement


Design completion


Hardware production